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Prostoria's Innovations on the January fairs published 2017-01-19

The year 2016 has been very busy for prostoria. Exactly 5 years after the first production in our factory, we have finished a new facility devoted to wood processing exclusively.
To us, this seemed a logical step since we have been widening our range of products in the direction of wooden products over the last years.

Apart form the new products and new development of the existing ones, prostoria is presenting a new catalogue in 2017 under the art direction and graphic design by the Bilic_Muller studio. The stands at the Imm and M&O fairs, also designed in collaboration with the Bilic_Muller studio, reflect the atmosphere of the catalogue using the illustrations inspired by prostoria products designed by Danijel Srdarev together with textile installations by Ivana Zozoli.

In addition, we are presenting a new selection of fabrics and leather. We have kept the fabrics that have been working well for us in the past but we are also introducing many new ones that, we believe, will enable us to create even more stunning products for different environments. The collection is divided into Home and Contract division meeting the specific needs of each market.

The novelties presented at Imm Cologne 2017 and M&O Paris 2017

Dobra chair _ Numen/ForUse
Numen/For Use designed for us yet another important chair. It is s wooden chair, simple yet charming, with a soft seating cushion.

“We have reinterpreted the traditional typology of a wooden chair with armrests using a characteristic 'break' in the geometry of front legs. Rounded geometry of turned armrests and the backrest is mirrored in the lenticular cushions. Primarily functional intersection between the legs and transversal bars on the seat maintains geometrical exactness. Intersections between the backrest and armrests, perceptible by touch, were created according to the principles of organic transformation of volume. Those contrasts between 'soft' and 'hard' elements and intersections shape the Dobra's characteristic formal language.” Numen/ForUse

The Dobra chair will be available either in oak nature or light or black with a wide selection of fabrics and leather for the seat.

Monk chairs and armchairs _ Grupa
The Monk family of chairs and armchairs has been given a new and exciting life with a development of metal bases with four legs and a sled base for both chairs and armchairs. With this base, the Monk chair is changing its character and becoming more elegant and inviting for use in a variety of spaces. The metal bases will be available in all the colours of the prostoria range.

New development of Polygon and Oblique armchair _ Numen/ForUse
The Polygon armchair has been further developed. We have decided to make it in moulded foam, which enabled us to also make some improvements in the shape of the seat and the back. It is even more exciting now, with sharper angles and a more dynamic form.
The same has been done with the Oblique armchair. We constructed it in moulded foam resulting in improved seating comfort and a more compact and dynamic form.

Match modular sofa _ Sanja Knezovic
Already a favourite, the Match modular sofa has been enriched with a couple of new modules that allow for more luxurious compositions in larger spaces. We are presenting a two-seater with an armrest, island and enlarged poufs. With fabrics from the new collection, either in cotton or wool, we believe that this sofa will sweep everyone off their feet.

Rhomb chair _ Simon Morasi Piperčić
The Rhomb chair has been awarded the German Design Award for 2017. It has also been complemented with a table available in 7 colours with a Fenix NTM top or in oak.